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Meet the Space Mission Analysis Branch

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As a premiere space concepts and systems analysis organization, SMAB enables well-informed decision-making throughout NASA with integrated analysis and assessments of complex space systems, architectures, and portfolios based on benefit, cost, and risk. Through support of a broad set of agency customers, SMAB provides holistic insights within and across organizations that advance NASA’s human exploration and robotic scientific missions.

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SMAB Teams

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Strategies and Architectures

Strategies and Architectures

Leads: Kandyce Goodliff and Pat Troutman

Mars Architecture Team

Mars Architecture Team

Lead: Patrick Chai

Human Landing System

Human Landing System

Leads: Ryan Joyce and Roger Lepsch (VAB)

Gateway Systems Engineering and Integration

Gateway Systems Engineering and Integration

Lead: Sharon Jefferies

Lunar Architecture Team

Lunar Architecture Team

Lead: Matt Simon



Lead: Bill Cirillo

Science Mission Analysis

Science Mission Analysis

Lead: Jon Chrone

Decision Analysis

Decision Analysis

Lead: Marie Ivanco

Capability Integration

Capability Integration

Lead: David Reeves

On-orbit Servicing, Assembly, and Manufacturing

On-orbit Servicing, Assembly, and Manufacturing

Lead: Dale Arney

SMAB People

Photo of Paul Speth

Paul Speth

Branch Head (on detail)
Photo of Kevin Earle

Kevin Earle

Acting Branch Head
Photo of Jordan Klovstad

Jordan Klovstad

Assistant Branch Head

Photo of Gabe Merrill

Gabe Merrill

Acting Assistant Branch Head

Photo of Kimberly Jordan Croslin

Kimberly Jordan Croslin

Administrative Assistant

Photo of Scott Angster

Scott Angster

Photo of Dale Arney

Dale Arney

Photo of Greg Benjamin

Greg Benjamin

Photo of Amber Bettis

Amber Bettis

Photo of Alex Burg

Alex Burg

Photo of Callie Burke

Callie Burke

Photo of Josh Carden

Josh Carden

Photo of Lem Carpenter

Lem Carpenter

Photo of Garrett Carman

Garrett Carman

Photo of Matt Carrier

Matt Carrier

Photo of Patrick Chai

Patrick Chai

Photo of D.J. Charewicz

D.J. Charewicz

Photo of Jason Cho

Jason Cho

Photo of Jon Chrone

Jon Chrone

Photo of Bill Cirillo

Bill Cirillo

Photo of Matteo Clark

Matteo Clark

Photo of Shaun Deacon

Shaun Deacon

Photo of Jim Dempsey

Jim Dempsey

Photo of Bob Evangelista

Bob Evangelista

Photo of Eric Fay

Eric Fay

Photo of Kandyce Goodliff

Kandyce Goodliff

Photo of Melanie Grande

Melanie Grande

Photo of Kevin Greer

Kevin Greer

Photo of Marie Ivanco

Marie Ivanco

Photo of Sharon Jefferies

Sharon Jefferies

Photo of Chris Jones

Chris Jones

Photo of Ryan Joyce

Ryan Joyce

Photo of Emily Judd

Emily Judd

Photo of Nathan Kreuzman

Nathan Kreuzman

Photo of Kevin Larman

Kevin Larman

Photo of Kara Latorella

Kara Latorella

Photo of Tim Lewis

Tim Lewis

Photo of Chase Lynch

Chase Lynch

Photo of Dan Mazanek

Dan Mazanek

Photo of Katie McBrayer

Katie McBrayer

Photo of Andrew McCrea

Andrew McCrea

Photo of Carolyn McGee

Carolyn McGee

Photo of Eric McVay

Eric McVay

Photo of Benjamin Merrel

Benjamin Merrel

Photo of Michelle Nadeau

Michelle Nadeau

Photo of Andrew Owens

Andrew Owens

Photo of Charles Pett

Charles Pett

Photo of Akshay Prasad

Akshay Prasad

Photo of Min Qu

Min Qu

Photo of David Reeves

David Reeves

Photo of Vianni Ricano Cadenas

Vianni Ricano Cadenas

Photo of Josh Sams

Josh Sams

Photo of Matt Simon

Matt Simon

Photo of Matt Stafford

Matt Stafford

Photo of Devon Steinkoenig

Devon Steinkoenig

Photo of Fred Stillwagen

Fred Stillwagen

Photo of Chel Stromgren

Chel Stromgren

Photo of Richard Sutherland

Richard Sutherland

Photo of Dan Tiffin

Dan Tiffin

Photo of Patrick Troutman

Patrick Troutman

Photo of Patrick Troutman

Vip (Kevin Vipavetz)

Photo of Joe Widmer

Joe Widmer

Photo of Phillip Williams

Phillip Williams

Photo of Anne Zukowski

Anne Zukowski