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Space Mission Analysis Branch

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SMAB focuses its expertise on existing and future space systems that support Human and Robotic Space Missions to inform NASA decision makers.

SMAB serves as the premiere space concepts and system analysis organization informing NASA and inspiring the world of the art of the possible in achieving NASA’s mission.

Meet the team

Branch Objectives

Mission, Concept, and Trade Analysis

  • We analyze space architectures and provide multi-system/concept integration and architecture design.
  • We use a variety of metrics to assess overall feasibility and mission designs.
  • We apply orbital mechanics to design and evaluate trajectories for spacecraft.

Life Cycle Analysis and Uncertainty Quantification

  • We assist with strategic planning to inform NASA decision makers.
  • We support experimental and operational flight vehicle projects through in-depth, multi discipline design and analysis.
  • We assist tactical decision-making via requirement sensitivity evaluations.

Technology Assessment and Portfolio Analysis

  • We evaluate or estimate the impacts of NASA technology on systems and missions.

Strategic Analysis

  • We conduct Pre-Phase A and Phase A studies formulating conceptual designs for robotic and human-occupied space systems.
  • We analyze and integrate long-term science and human exploration campaigns.
  • We provide independent assessments and integration of proposed, existing and future aerospace systems.