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Vehicle Analysis Branch

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The VAB focuses its expertise in designing and evaluating revolutionary aircraft, launch vehicles, and spacecraft to enable advances in aeronautics and space exploration.

Meet the team

How we do it

Life Cycle Analysis and
Uncertainty Quantification

  • We support experimental and operational flight vehicle projects through in-depth multi discipline design and analysis.
  • We assist tactical decision-making via requirement sensitivity evaluations.

Technology Assessment and
Portfolio Analysis

  • We provide concept development, technology assessment, and system innovation for high speed flight vehicles in any atmosphere and end-to-end transportation systems.
  • We perform a non-advocacy role in the independent evaluation of proposed system requirements, hardware technologies, and individual vehicle and system concepts.

Concept and Trade

  • We perform preliminary design and analysis of aerospace transportation system concepts.
  • We evaluate technical trades or trends in vehicles.
  • We formulate original and innovative transportation architectures that enable effective space exploration.


Entry, Descent, and Landing

Entry, Descent, and Landing

NESC Independent Assessments

NESC Independent Assessments

Space Launch System

Space Launch System

Commercial Space

Commercial Supersonic Technologies Project