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Systems Analysis and Concepts Directorate

The Systems Analysis and Concepts Directorate (SACD) is located at the NASA Langley Research Center in Hampton, VA and supports the future of aeronautics, exploration, space operations, and science.

Here at SACD, we solve problems associated with aeronautics, exploration, and science by analyzing advanced aerospace system concepts for NASA decision makers and programs.

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SACD Branches

Space Mission Analysis Branch
Vehicle Analysis Branch
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Featured Projects

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Hercules is a concept for a single-stage vehicle capable of doing descent to and ascent from the lunar surface, transporting both crew and cargo along the way. The vehicle could serve as the transportation system between Gateway and the Moon for future exploration missions.

Hercules Project Summary


As NASA plans missions to the Moon and future deep-space destinations, the Agency is developing an advanced in-space platform to be located in orbit around the Moon. Gateway will serve as an outpost for missions to the lunar surface with the Artemis program.

Gateway Project Summary

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X-57 Maxwell

NASA’s X-57 Maxwell is an all-electric experimental aircraft designed to demonstrate multiple leading-edge technologies. The goal of the X-57 is to demonstrate that an all-electric airplane can be more efficient, quieter and more environmentally friendly than traditional gas-powered airplanes.

X-57 Maxwell Project Summary