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Our Branches


Aeronautics Systems Analysis Branch

Inspiring new paths for NASA and the nation by providing products in advanced aerospace concept creation.


Space Mission Analysis Branch

Enabling its customers to make analysis based decisions in support of human and robotic space missions and architectures.


Vehicle Analysis Branch

Applying multidisciplinary expertise of flight and space transportation systems for innovative solutions.

SACD Recognition

NASA Langley’s capability in Systems Analysis, Systems Engineering and Systems Architecture is essential in NASA’s journey to Mars.

Greg Williams

Deputy Associate Administrator for Human Exploration
and Operations Mission Directorate

Robert Lightfoot

Acting NASA Administrator

Systems Analysis and Concepts Directorate

We solve problems associated with aeronautics, exploration, and science by analyzing advanced aerospace system concepts for NASA decision makers and programs.

We design future concepts and analyze them in an operational context to determine systems level outcomes.

What We Do

Mission, Concept, and Trade

Studying and designing how the project’s mission should function and be carried out.

Life Cycle Analysis and
Uncertainty Analysis

Evaluating the impacts that design decisions have on a system and how it affects the system’s life cycle.

Technology Assessment and Portfolio Analysis

Studying and designing how a project’s mission should function and be carried out with regards to technology.


Identifying the likelihood and consequence of a potential future event.

We do this by performing system analysis and working with other NASA centers, along with industry, academia, Department of Defense and other government agencies.

Together, we’re able to collaborate on programs and projects like On-Demand Mobility, Asteroid Robotic Redirect Mission, and the Space Launch System.

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Advanced Concepts Laboratory

The Advanced Concepts Lab (ACL) is situated under the Systems Analysis and Concepts Directorate.

ACL is a digital innovation studio that gives form to NASA spacecraft, missions, and technologies through conceptual design and visualization.

Many SACD projects are supported by the ACL, including HAVOC, PEGASUS, and Space Launch System.