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About SACD

The Systems Analysis and Concepts Directorate (SACD) conducts studies for the Agency decision makers and programs to provide aerospace systems analysis products such as mission architectures, advanced systems concepts, system and technology trades, life cycle cost and risk analysis, system integration and pre-decisional sensitive information to enable informed technical, programmatic, and budgetary concerns.

To support NASA Langley Research Center’s capabilities in air transportation on Earth, Earth-to-orbit space access, in-space transportation, and exploration and science missions to other planets, SACD specializes in:

  • Systems requirements definition
  • Mission architectures and advanced concepts development
  • Systems integration
  • Operational analysis
  • Space communication architecture
  • Capabilities and technologies assessment and trades
  • Life-cycle cost and risk analysis
  • Integrated design center and multimedia laboratory



Space Missions Analysis Branch

Focuses on enabling its customers to make analysis-based decisions in support of human and robotic space missions and architectures.

Aeronautics Systems Analysis Branch

Focuses on inspiring new paths for NASA and the Nation by providing products such as advanced aerospace concept creation.

Vehicle Analysis Branch

Applies multidisciplinary expertise of flight and space transportation systems to innovative solutions.