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NASA Langley Supports Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) Exposition

Government, military and industry officials, venture capitalists, pilots, engineers, and aviation enthusiasts gathered in both Chesapeake and Newport News for the Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) Exposition, hosted by the Hampton Roads chapter of the Association for Uncrewed Vehicle Systems International (AUVSI), Sept. 26-28, 2023.

NASA Langley was well represented, with staff and interns in attendance and as keynote speakers and panel moderators, all of whom were focused on developments and Virginia’s role in AAM.

NASA Langley aerospace engineers Brandon Litherland, Jason Welstead and Siena Whiteside are joined by interns Luca Scavone and Adam Nguyen at the Hampton Roads Executive Airport for Day One of the AUVSI-HR AAM Exposition (Photo credit: NASA/S. Woodward)

“Taking the pulse of industry progress and concerns in AAM is highly relevant to NASA’s efforts to push forward technology, regulatory guidance, and operational considerations in this rapidly developing field,” observed attendee Brandon Litherland, aerospace engineer with the Aeronautics Systems Analysis Branch of the Systems Analysis and Concepts Directorate.

The exposition’s first day featured drone and software demonstrations at the Hampton Roads Executive Airport. Days two and three were held at a conference center in Hampton, where Senator Mark Warner, Representative Rob Wittman, and NASA Langley’s Deputy Director for Aeronautics Sharon Jones delivered keynote addresses. 

Panel discussions included:

  • X-Wing – Solving the Pilot Shortage with Autonomy
  • AAM Regional Airports & Vertiports
  • AAM Virginia Innovation and Economic Development
  • AAM Hydrogen Research, Infrastructure & Aviation Progress
  • AAM Getting Beyond Vertical
  • Unmanned Traffic Management & BVLOS (Beyond Visual Line of Sight)
  • AAM & Army Electrification

    The exposition’s final panel, NASA Langley AAM Research, was moderated by Aeronautics Directorate Director John Koelling and featured Matt Coldsnow, Kenneth Goodrich, Natasha Neogi, and Benny Lunsford.

    A drone company demonstrates a medical supply delivery at the Hampton Roads Executive Airport. (Photo credit: NASA/S.Woodward)

    Luca Scavone is a NASA intern currently studying Systems Design Engineering and Physics at the University of Waterloo in Canada. He manned the NASA booth, attended sessions and found the whole experience illuminating.

    “I learned a lot about the key players that are needed to bring advanced air mobility to the general public, from infrastructure and charging stations to advances in automation and security,” he said. “The wide range of use cases applicable to AAM is impressive.”

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    Author: Sondra Woodward
    Published: October 2023

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