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Research Aircraft for eVTOL Enabling techNologies

An enduring, open-source flight research capability


NASA is collaborating with Georgia Tech to design, build and fly a ~1000 lb. unmanned research aircraft for Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) at modest cost and in a relevant timeline. This aircraft will enable researchers and industry partners to obtain and publish unique flight test data at a relevant scale, provide a platform to develop practical methods for AAM vehicle design and operation, and train the next generation of aerospace engineers.


  • Provides open flight data that is publicly available to accelerate the emerging AAM market
  • Addresses “real world” issues in EVTOL design and development for AAM through relevant scale 
  • Allows larger research payloads (e.g., avionics, sensors, flight computers) through adequate size
  • Presents configuration representative of industry eVTOLs, with relevant challenges in aerodynamics, propulsion integration, acoustics, and flight control
  • Offers “fast to flight” at modest cost by leveraging off-the-shelf airframe and components
  • Serves as more than just a flight demonstrator: a “flying laboratory” for enduring research and technology development

NASA engineers and technicians are contributing to the development of noise and safety standards for advanced air mobility aircraft, but the agency is having to do this work with limited knowledge about the coming designs, given how closely companies are guarding their innovations in this fiercely competitive market. 

Aerospace America


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To be published

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To be published

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To be published

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Simmons, B. M., et al.
NASA Technical Memorandum, 2023, NASA Langley Research Center
In preparation


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