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Joanna Schmidt

Title: Scientist I

Missions/Projects: Quesst, CST, UQPCE, and TTT

Study Topics/Expertise: Uncertainty Quantification, Python Software Development, Modeling and Simulation

Joanna Schmidt was raised in Alabama, where her neighbors have included goats and donkeys. She fell in love with physics in high school, choosing to pursue this interest at The University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB). There, Joanna discovered her passion for research and computational work, which led her to participate in a computational materials physics research group at UAB and a climate modeling internship at the California Institute of Technology.

After graduating from UAB in 2019, Joanna moved to Virginia to work for Analytical Mechanics Associates, Inc. (AMA) at NASA Langley Research Center to perform uncertainty quantification work for the Commercial Supersonic Technology (CST) Project. After gaining experience with this project, she took on additional tasks including trajectory planning and flight analysis software for the Quesst Mission and uncertainty quantification software development for Transformational Tools and Technologies (TTT).


  • Spot Award, Analytical Mechanics Associates (12/2020)
  • NASA Alabama Space Grant Consortium Scholarship (Fall 2018-Spring 2019)
  • Outstanding Undergraduate Student, Department of Physics, UAB (Spring 2019)

Education/Professional Experience

  • B.S. in Physics (Summa Cum Laude)- Advanced Physics Concentration, Physics Honors, University of Alabama at Birmingham (08/2015-04/2019)
  • M.S. in Modeling and Simulation Engineering, Old Dominion University (08/2021-cont.)


  • Phillips, B. D., Heath, C., and Schmidt, J., “System-Level Impact of Propulsive Uncertainties for Low-Boom Aircraft Concepts,” 2020 AIAA AVIATION FORUM, AIAA 2020-2730, 2020.
  • Chen, W. C., Schmidt, J. N., Yan, D. et al. “Machine learning and evolutionary prediction of superhard B-C-N compounds,” npj Computational Materials 7, 114, 2021.

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