• Sierra Nevada “Dream Chaser” / HL-20

    The Vehicle Analysis Branch (VAB) applies its multidisciplinary, system-level expertise of high speed atmospheric flight and end-to-end space transportation systems to connect appropriate technologies to innovative system solutions that enable LaRC Strategic Thrusts to support NASA Mission Goals.
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  • On Demand Air Mobility

    The Aeronautics Systems Analysis Branch (ASAB) focuses on inspiring new paths for NASA and the Nation by providing products such as advanced aerospace concept creation; aircraft...
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Welcome to the Systems Analysis and Concepts Directorate at NASA Langley Research Center

Defining the Art of the Possible

The Systems Analysis & Concepts Directorate (SACD) informs decision makers of the art of the possible.  We can examine existing systems or define future Architectures, Vehicles, or Operational Concepts across the trade space within a physics-based, multidisciplinary, variable fidelity environment to determine the performance, cost, risk, and schedule feasibility and systems requirements to enable informed technical, programmatic, and budgeslstary decisions.

Our customers range from individual researchers looking to understand the impact of their technologies to Agency leadership looking for information to help define the strategic direction of NASA’s Mission.  We provide

  • Integrated Airspace & Vehicle Concepts
  • Space Missions, Architectures & Vehicle Concepts
  • Decision Analysis and Independent Assessments

in a systems level context to all of NASA’s Mission Directorates.

From rockets to satellites, robotic precursors to human habitats, UAVs to commercial transports to hypersonic flight, from looking at the airspace we fly in to the air we breathe, SACD is helping move NASA forward.