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Eamon Cullen

Title: AST, Aerospace Vehicle Design and Mission Analysis

Technical Focus Area: Aircraft Design and Systems Analysis

Eamon is an aerospace engineer in the Emerging Applications and Technologies Group within the Aeronautics Systems Analysis Branch. His research focuses on the design, optimization, and operational analysis of electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) and electric short take-off and landing (eSTOL) vehicles and subsonic/transonic aircraft concepts, with previous research on novel jet tanker design.

Before joining NASA, Eamon was an Air Force KC-135 instructor, examiner, and functional check flight pilot, and Director of Operations. He served 11 deployments to the Middle East, Afghanistan, Alaska, and the Pacific, and he supported various nuclear defense, special operations, flight safety, flight test, and systems development programs. 

He performed additional duties as a Contracting Officer’s Technical Representative, AFRL technical consultant, and Air Force Scientific Advisory Board executive support officer during his time on active duty.

In his free time, Eamon enjoys traveling, reading, hiking, flying small airplanes, and spending time with family and friends.

Education/Professional Experience

  • M.A., International Relations, University of Oklahoma
  • M.S., Aerospace Engineering, North Carolina State University
  • B.A., Mathematics/English, Vanderbilt University
  • FAA Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) and Certified Flight Instructor (CFI/MEI)
  • U.S. Air Force Aircraft Mishap Investigation Course