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SMAB Capabilities


Strategic Campaign Analysis – Examines integrated campaigns to support decision-making and high-level requirements development utilizing deterministic and probabilistic methods. Involves assessments of decision/assumption impacts over the duration of the campaign on each of the campaign analysis disciplines: Performance, Affordability, Risk/Safety, Technology Infusion, Benefit/Value.


Mission Design and Analysis – Supports space architecture activities and provides multi-system/concept integration and architecture design. Capability includes the ability to assess the overall feasibility and demands holistic mission designs using a variety of space system concepts. Mission architectures include Human and Robotic Missions, Science Mission Concepts and Integrated Transportation Sizing/Assessments.


Orbital Mechanics & Trajectory Analysis – application of ballistics and celestial mechanics to the practical problems concerning the motion of rockets and other spacecraft.


Decision Support Analysis


Independent Cost Estimation – estimating the cost of a project or idea.


System Concept Development and Analysis – – Supports system design activities and provides element-level definition required for strategic campaign analysis. Capability requires the ability to define/examine the performance, cost, and risk characteristics of the systems to support development/assessment activities on Robotic Systems, Crewed/Uncrewed Vehicles and Surface Systems.


Technology Assessment/TRL Assessment – the evaluation or estimation of the nature, quality, or ability of a technology. Technology Readiness Level (TRL) is a system used to rate how mature a technology is.