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Environmentally Responsible Aircraft Project


Environmentally Responsible Aviation (ERA) Project explores and documents the feasibility, benefits and technical risk of vehicle concepts and enabling technologies to reduce aviation’s impact on the environment. ERA focuses on reducing fuel burn, noise, and emissions for future subsonic transports in the 2025 timeframe. ERA is a six-year project consisting of two 3-year phases, and is currently halfway through the second phase. There are currently eight Integrated Technology Demonstration sub-projects being conducted in the second phase of ERA, focused on propulsion, structures and materials, propulsion airframe integration, and noise reduction technologies.

ASAB leads the ERA Systems Assessment team and provides annual vehicle and fleet level assessments of the impact of ERA technologies on our fuel burn, noise, and emissions goals. In addition, ASAB serves as the lead for generating and evaluating advanced concepts and unconventional configurations to support ERA.

For questions regarding the ASAB support of the Environmentally Responsible Aviation Project, contact Craig Nickol (