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Advanced Concepts Lab (ACL)


ACL_colorThe Advanced Concepts Lab (ACL) at NASA Langley Research Center is situated under the Systems Analysis and Concepts Directorate. The ACL provides cutting edge visual services including graphics, animations, 3D printing and posters. Many projects are graphically supported by the ACL including HAVOC, Evolvable Mars Campaign and Space Launch System. Through their many expertises, the ACL makes projects more visually dynamic and brings projects to another level.

Projects Supported:


ACL capabilities include concept visualization, graphic design, posters, editing, 3D printing, videography, animation, and photography



Concept art of the Asteroid Redirect Mission’s approach to an asteroid.

Concept art of the Asteroid Redirect Mission payload carrying an asteroid.

HAVOC air ships floating above the atmosphere of Venus.

Space concept art.

Concept art of two astronauts working in space.

Concept art of the Asteroid Redirect Mission’s payload picking up a sample from an asteroid

Supersonic x-plane concept

Space Launch System concept art.

3D Print of a rover used for a competition in the NASA Johnson rock field.

3D Print of the ARM concept.

Comparison of a 3D printed Compression Plate Sensor to the original.

Comparison of a 3D printed Thermal Plug to the original.

Conceptual art of human habitation away from Earth.

Concept art of a Martian rover.
On Demand Mobility

Distributed electric propulsion aircraft concept.

A concept for a “future city” orbiting Earth in space.


EMC Video

A video detailing some of the work that is being done on the Evolvable Mars Campaign (EMC). The videos visually conceptualizes an exploration zone on Mars after nearly two decades of cargo and crewed missions. The video uses and Exploration Zone (EZ) that is a collection of Regions of Interest (ROIs) within about 100 km of a landing site and a habitation site.


This video visually conceptualizes the MICEHAB study. The MICEHAB study explores the implications of creating a multi-planetary presence in the universe, including surviving as a species in new environments.


This video visually conceptualizes the High Altitude Venus Operational Concept (HAVOC) study. HAVOC is a study that explores the viability of a human presence above Venus. Using airships, this video conceptualizes how humankind might enter Venus’s atmosphere and conduct research while living above our neighboring planet.

Low Boom Flight Demonstration

The return of supersonic passenger travel is one step closer to reality with NASA’s award of a contract for the preliminary design of a low boom flight demonstrator aircraft. This is the first in a series of X-planes in NASA’s New Aviation Horizons initiative, introduced in the agency’s Fiscal Year 2017 budget.This video conceptualizes current studies we have regarding low book flight demonstrating aircrafts.

Greased Lightning 360 Video in Flight

Check out a 360 degree video of the battery powered, 10-propeller GL-10 Greased Lightning in flight. This is the same video that is shown on virtual reality headsets at some conferences. This can be viewed in 360 on many devices – check to see if yours or your browser supports it.