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Defining the Art of the Possible

Our People

Melvin Ferebee

Melvin Ferebee


Laura Brewer

Bill Kimmel final

Bill Kimmel

Daniel Williams

Daniel Williams


Sandra Holmes


Brian Gustin


Pam Link


Sharon Monica Jones

The Systems Analysis and Concepts Directorate shapes the future of NASA’s science, aeronautics, and space exploration programs by Defining the Art of the Possible.  We design future concepts and analyze them in an operational context to assess systems-level outcomes for our stakeholders.  Our directorate office provides a strategic vision for NASA Langley’s Systems Analysis capability.  It is our responsibility to:

  • Build, maintain, and support system analysis capability at Langley.
  • Continuously acquire and develop the personnel and advanced analysis and design tools required to capture the most advanced technology and costing methodology.
  • Ensure the technical quality of our systems analysis products.
  • Provide administrative support to the SACD branches.
  • Expand Center-to-Center alliances in the area of systems analyses.
  • Identify where and how Langley and its partners can realize the NASA vision for aeronautics, science, and space exploration